CTAG BEAST starter kit


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1 x Bela Cape: £70.00 1 x 16GB SD card flashed with Bela software: £15.00 4 x extra Audio Adapter Cables: £12.00 8 x extra Audio Adapter Cables: £24.00



The CTAG BEAST is an add-on for the BeagleBone Black consisting of two FACE capes stacked on top of each other providing 8 audio input channels and 16 audio output channels. It is fully compatible with Bela's ultra-low latency software environment and development tools, allowing audio data to be processed with round-trip latencies as low as 1ms and programmed using Bela's browser-based IDE in a variety of languages including C++, Pure Data and Supercollider.

The BEAST was developed in collaboration with Bela by Henrik Langer and Robert Manzke of CTAG Audio, for more information see the Hackaday project page and our wiki.

This product is a kit featuring everything you need to get started with Bela on the BEAST. It contains:

  • 2 x FACE capes pre-configured for use as a BEAST
  • BeagleBone Black flashed with Bela software
  • 2 x molex breakout boards
  • 12 x molex to 3.5mm jack audio adapter cables

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