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For the true hardware enthusiast and experimenter, PEPPER is a DIY solution for integrating your Bela board with modular and Eurorack synths.

PEPPER is a custom-designed, bare PCB that comes with a list of common through-hole components for you to source, and instructions for putting it together. Attach PEPPER to your Bela board (sold separately) and you can start prototyping and experimenting with Bela and your modular synth.

Once assembled and connected to your Bela system, PEPPER will adds all this to your modular set-up:

  • Width: 18HP
  • I/O (1/8" jacks):
  • 2 audio in (AC-coupled, 10V pk-to-pk, 44.1kHz, 16bit)
  • 2 audio out (DC-coupled, 1.8V pk-to-pk, 0.4V offset, 44.1kHz, 16bit)
  • 8x CV in (with pots attenuating, 16bit, 10V safe). Optionally, up to 4x of the CV in sockets can be swapped for trigger ins, leaving the pots connected directly to Bela's analog inputs.
  • 8x CV out (16bit, 0-5V)
  • Interface:
    • 8x pots (attenuation of CV in)
    • 2x buttons
    • 10x LED output

Check out the PEPPER wiki for full bill of materials, details on power supply and customisation options.

Important notes:

  • This is a DIY project that requires you to solder parts together. If you are looking for a full-fledged Eurorack module, that comes pre-assembled, check out SALT and the SALT+ expander.
  • Using PEPPER requires a Bela system (sold separately)
  • Passive components and faceplate are not included. Assembled PEPPER and Bela unit image is for illustrative purposes only.
  • PEPPER is not compatible with Bela Mini or the CTAG series.

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