SALT+ Expander

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SALT+ is the expander module for SALT (core SALT module requried). SALT+ increases your CV and trigger I/O to expand the capability of the programmable SALT module.

SALT+ the following specifications:

  • Width: 10HP 
  • Physical dimensions (excluding faceplate): 109mm (height), 48mm(width), 30mm(depth) 
  • I/O (1/8" jacks): 
    • 4xCV in 
    • 4xCV out 
    • 2x trigger in 
    • 2x trigger out 
    • 2x button with integrated bi-color LED 
    • USB host port 
  • Controls: 
    • 4x pots (offset for CV in) 
    • 2x button with integrated bi-color LED 
  • Power consumption: 50mA from +12V, 40mA from -12V 

A 20-pin ribbon cable (included) is used to connect the SALT+ to SALT, providing power and signals. When used together, only SALT is connected to the power supply of your case.

SALT+ includes:

  • Painted aluminium faceplate, installed
  • 20-pin ribbon cable for connecting to the core module
  • Free tracked and signed delivery (up to two weeks lead time)

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